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A professional website is an excellent online presence for a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or a solopreneur. There are many cost-effective options for those looking to save money when creating a website. And what is more cost-effective than free?

A free web hosting service allows you to register for and manage your website for zero dollars. However, free web hosting can come with several caveats that may make it not worth the effort, despite the minimal cost. But if you’re on a budget, learn about some of the best free web hosting options and how to pick the right one for your needs.

Key takeaways:

  • What to consider when choosing a free web host
  • Why cheap hosting is better than free
  • Reasons for using a free host

How Do You Choose a Free Web Hosting Service?

If you are in the market for a free web hosting service, there are some things to consider. Start by asking these questions:

  • How much disk space and bandwidth will be allotted to your website monthly?
  • Is there downtime? How long will your website experience time offline (e.g., periods when it is offline and not accessible to users)?
  • Will the website have ads? Where will the ads be shown?
  • Can you host [dot]extension domain names?

Which Free Hosting Options are Best?

If you decide to give free hosting a try, the following options are among the best out there. One thing that all of these services have in common is the ability to upgrade to paid hosting if it becomes necessary.

For some people, starting with a free hosting solution and then upgrading once your site starts getting traffic is a good idea. Of course, you have to keep in mind that most free hosting solutions will have limited tools, so it is typically easier and faster to just start out with a full-featured hosting company with fair prices.

Why Is Cheap Web Hosting Better Than Free?

Even the cheapest paid web hosting services have many benefits over free web hosting in the long run. If you are building something connected to a business or otherwise important, it is worth investing even a few dollars into.

Some benefits to paying for cheap web hosting are: 

  • Typically, free [dot]extension domain registration is a package or deal of purchasing a web hosting service, at least for the first year or two.
  • If something goes wrong, contact your web host for assistance.
  • Disk space, bandwidth, page loading speed, email, and other features are typically of higher quality or unlimited (depending on the service).
  • You are in charge of whether or not ads go on your website. If there are ads on your site, you profit because you put them there.
  • One area where free hosting services often cut costs is with security. If you want to keep your site safe for you and your visitors, paying for hosting is essential.

What Is the Best Use Case for Free Web Hosting?

If you’re new to web hosting and website building, registering for a free web hosting service may be a good option to learn the ropes, especially if you plan to do-it-yourself (DIY) and not hire a designer or a developer.

Using a free platform to figure out various codes is an excellent option before committing to a paid service. You can also return to your free hosting service as a tester before applying any changes to a more permanent website.

Ultimately, putting your best foot forward when creating a website is important. It should work well, load quickly every time, and present your content exactly how you desire; a free web hosting service cannot guarantee that result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Web Hosting

Can you host a website without paying?

You can host your website for free, but it’s not the ideal scenario.

What is the disadvantage of free hosting?

If you go with free website hosting, you will probably have limited bandwidth, making it harder for visitors to consistently access your website. Plus, you will have more security issues.

What happens when you stop paying for web hosting?

Usually, when you stop paying, your web hosting company will take your website offline, and you will lose access.

What is the difference between free web hosting and paid?

While there may be some similarities between free and paid hosting, typically, paid hosting has better features like additional disk storage, more email accounts, and such.